IceDogs vs. Rangers: Live Game Blog Sept. 12

The Niagara IceDogs are back on the ice tonight, and I’m back with the game blog. We’re in Beamsville in a beautiful new arena which the Lincoln Blades call home.

The IceDogs and Kitchener Rangers will face each other for the second… uhh kind of… time this preseason. These two teams met last week in Kitchener and played about 12 minutes of hockey before the game had to be called due to ice conditions. The IceDogs were up 2-1 when the game was called, not that it’s a big deal or anything. But I’m going to go ahead and count it as a win for the good guys.

With NHL camps about to get underway, the Dogs will be missing ten veterans, so they’ll be forced to ice a very young roster tonight. That shouldn’t be a problem though, as the IceDogs have a lot of very good young talent on the team.

MacKenzie Savard is expected to make his OHL debut tonight, after signing a standard player agreement yesterday. I thought he was fantastic in camp and I’m excited to see what he can do in a real game situation.

I’m excited to get this thing started, so let’s go ahead and check out the rosters for tonight’s game.


30) Stephen Dhillon
31) MacKenzie Savard
3) Jack Wieringa
4) Vince Dunn
7) Mikkel Aagaard
8) Billy Jenkins
9) Jordan Maletta
13) Graham Knott
14) Christopher Paquette
15) Matt Gillard
16) Mitchell Fitzmorris
17) Evan Krassey
19) Nick Halagian
20) Zach Wilkie
22) Ben Hughes
23) Johnny Corneil
24) Hayden McCool
26) Jonathon Schaefer
29) Aleksandar Mikulovich


29) Jordan DeKort
31) Matthew Greenfield
2) Liam Maaskant
5) Sean Allen
8) Dylan Diperna
9) Scott Teskey
10) Logan Schmidt
12) Mark Bzowey
14) James Mens-Dietrich
15) Gustaf Franzen
17) Mason Kohn
18) Doug Blaisdell
23) Adam Mascherin
34) Max Iafrate
36) Curtis Meighan
44) Frank Hora
62) Jacob Cascagnette
93) Mike Davies



0:34: A few big hits early on. As we get closer to the season, guys are really taking these game seriously. They want to win.

1:06: Savard tested early and makes a couple of nice saves.

3:45: Great play by McCool to avoid the hit and he feeds MAletta out front. Nearly beats Greenfield and draws a penalty. IceDogs to the PP.

4:56: Maletta is buzzing. Another chance denied by Greenfield, but he’s getting to all the right areas.

6:35: Hughes gets called for hooking and the IceDogs will have to kill off a penalty for the first time tonight.

8:43: Great work by Fitzmorris and he nearly causes a turnover right in the slot. Good forecheck.

11:58: This game has a really good pace. Back and forth, chances for both teams. Aagaard ripped one that just went wide.

12:00: 1-0 Rangers
Right off the draw, Davies gets open and slips it by Savard. Kitchener takes the one goal lead.

13:41: Never afraid to join the rush, Dunn flies right up the middle and pulls a nice move at the blue line. His shot is stopped by Greenfield.

I love Krassey’s game. The kid isn’t afraid of anything. He goes out and hits everything that moves. Relentless forechecker.

18:33: Wow what a toe-drag by Dunn. Made the Kitchener forward look absolutely silly.

19:35: McCool feeds Aagaard in the corner and he walks right into the slot and nearly beats Greenfield. What a play.



0:36: The second barely gets underway before Knott gets called for roughing. Second power play of the game for Kitchener.

1:26: Even I called that from way up here. Kohn gets called for hooking and we’ll play some four-on-four.

1:52: And here comes the penalty parade. Schaefer gets called for hooking and Kitchener will have a four-on-three advantage.

2:38: Savard doing what he can to keep the deficit just one goal. Some big saves from the new guy. Very impressive.

3:47: 2-0 Rangers
Savard with a few more stops but Kohn is able to beat him after a mad scramble out front. It’s a power play goal for Kitchener as Schaefer’s penalty had five seconds remaining.

6:15: Maletta absolutely crushes Kohn. Caught him with his head down and made him pay. Textbook shoulder to chest.

7:46: Iafrate starts teeing off on Miku’s head and he’ll sit for two. Probably should be longer but I digress.

8:37: 2-1 Rangers
With all that room on the power play, Aagaard patiently waits for an opening and buries it for his first OHL goal. He’s loving it and so am I. Dogs within one.

10:29: After an impressive debut, Savard makes way for Dhillon.

11:26: Mikulovich is a little too overzealous and he steps into his man half a second too soon. He goes off for interference.

12:35: The Rangers get called for too many men and we’ll play four-on-four for about a minute. After that the IceDogs will get an abbreviated power play.

15:15: That was nasty. Kohn drills Wilkie from behind and the IceDogs will go back on the power play.

18:25: 2-2 Tie
Corneil continues his strong preseason by jumping all over a bad pass and beating Greenfield. The relentless forecheck pays off.



3:08: A nice play by Hughes to pick the puck up and walk into the slot but Greenfield makes a good save.

4:45: IceDogs starting to carry the play a bit. Aagaard hits a wide open McCool but Greenfield gets over in time to make the glove save.

6:13: All kinds of pressure from the Dogs. Kitchener is having trouble getting the puck out.

8:20: Hmm… Schaefer gets called for interference and the IceDogs will be shorthanded for two or less.

9:54: Dhillon absolutely robs Teskey right in the slot with a ridiculous glove save.

13:08: Good push back shift from Kitchener. The period has evened out a bit after the Dogs controlled the first few minutes.

16:55: Halagian makes a strong move to the net and the defender is draped all over his back. IceDogs to the power play late in this one.

19:28: They didn’t score, but what a shift from Maletta. Created a few chances and nobody could knock him off the puck.



Davies up first for Kitchener. Fires wayyyy wide.

Aagaard with a nice fake and slides it five-hole for the goal.

Franzen goes backhand but Dhillon makes the save.

Jenkins with a fantastic move and puts it under the bar on the backhand. IceDogs win!







NIA 8 – 9 – 12 = 29
KIT 9 – 12 – 6 = 27


NIA 1-for-4
KIT 1-for-4


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