Chuck-A-Puck Fundraising

The Niagara IceDogs are happy to offer a number of fundraising opportunities for our local charities, foundations, minor hockey programs, and schools.  One of those opportunities is our Chuck-A-Puck fundraising program which includes the following features:

  • The organization will select a date of one of our home games for the upcoming season, subject to availability (ask Nino about intermission availability)
  • The organization commits to ordering a minimum of 50 tickets for that game, which will be made available to them at a discounted rate of only $14.00/ticket (taxes and fees included)
    • As an additional fundraising opportunity, groups can also take these discounted tickets and sell them at a price of their choice
    • The organization would still purchase the tickets from IceDogs for $14/ticket, keeping any additional ticket money for tickets sold above that rate
  • Along with the discounted ticket rate the organization is offered an intermission during the game where they can run a Chuck-A-Puck contest
    • A table with IceDogs provided pucks is set up in the concourse for the organization with the table being staffed by volunteers from the fundraising organization
    • Chuck-A-Puck contest typically runs in second intermission and the winner will receive a prize donated by the Niagara IceDogs
    • All proceeds from the sales of the Chuck-A-Pucks are kept by the fundraising organization

For additional information on the Chuck-A-Puck fundraising opportunity or to book your organizational for a Chuck-A-Puck fundraiser, please contact Nino Bourikas by email, or by calling 905-687-3641, ext. 231.