It is our mission to create a world-class culture of champions: on the ice, in the community and in the classroom!

As an organization, we are acutely aware that it is our duty to ensure that every young man who joins our organization is given the guidance and resources to maximize his potential in each of these three areas.  Everyone within the organization realizes that not all players will go on to secure lucrative professional hockey careers, and therefore does everything in our power to ensure that those who do not advance to the NHL or other pro leagues leave the team with a well-rounded education to fall back on.

The goal of developing solid hockey players on the ice and young men of character off the ice is something we all strive to achieve with each new group of players that enters our organization.

Our hockey club is proud to offer an efficient and successful educational program for players both during and after their time in the Ontario Hockey League.  Led by Tim Tope, who has been the Academic Advisor for the past six years, the team is extremely proud  of its 100% high school graduation while here in Niagara.

Mr. Tope is a teacher and Guidance Counselor at Governor Simcoe Secondary School and is extremely passionate about both education and hockey.  All high school aged players will attend Governor Simcoe and benefit from Mr. Tope’s support.  He makes himself accessible to the players at all times should they require help with any of the courses they are enrolled in, and offers advice on selecting a post-secondary stream of study.  Tim coordinates the player’s selection of classes and works out any conflicts that may exist between their schedule at Governor Simcoe and their home school.   Parents also receive monthly mark and comment updates from the school.

The Niagara IceDogs believe all students should have the opportunity to succeed and each student-athlete is encouraged to expand his potential in the classroom whether it be high school or a post-secondary institution.  The organization ensures that all academic costs (tuition, books, fees) incurred while an active member of the hockey club are pain for in full.

For American players, our club has worked with players from various U.S. states within the OHL jurisdiction.  With each player, staff will ensure that all measures are taken so that players graduate on time and without issue.

Our academic program, combined with the efforts of Governor Simcoe Secondary School, Niagara College and Brock University have, and will continue to propel our student-athletes to unprecedented success.  It is safe that if your family values academics as most do, your son will be pushed to achieve his absolute best as an IceDog!

Additionally, every OHL player is eligible for a university scholarship from their team, as administered through the OHL league office, after completing their major junior career. The minimum scholarship benefit for graduating players is tuition, books and compulsory fees for each season played in the OHL towards an undergraduate university degree.

The Niagara IceDogs are proud to have had several players be rewarded by the Ontario Hockey League for their scholastic dedication, while playing for the team.

Ivan Tennant Memorial Award
Top Scholastic High School Player
Bobby Smith Trophy
Scholastic Player of the Year
Alex Friesen 2007-2008 Dougie Hamilton 2010-2011
Freddie Hamilton 2008-2009
Dougie Hamilton 2009-2010
Stephen Dhillon 2014-2015